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2008 Grand Rapids, Michigan

June 18-22

Hosted by Richard Terpstra

  Attendees  Medal Recipients


Thursday's tour was to the Public Museum of Grand Rapids with the streets of old Grand Rapids and Furniture City.  Some enjoyed a ride on the 1928 Spillman Carousel.  After a deli-style lunch, it was over to the Gerald Ford Museum.

Friday was a full day at the beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens & Scuplture Park.  There was a tram ride thru the gardens and sculptures and a walking tour thru the tropical conservatory.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.



Alexander, Patricia
Allen II, Keith E & Mary Jo
Allen, Keith E & Sue Ann
Bannier, Richard & Mathilda
Barbieri, Pete & Judy
Bartee, Bill & Skeeter
Blumenstein, Richard
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Bradshaw, Conrad & Molly
Brown, Kenneth & Lillie
Ciaccio, Jim
Ciaccio, Sal
Ciaccio, Steve
Clark, Betty J
Clark, Elizabeth Jody
Coats, Jerry
Coats, Penny & Robert
Colye, Jack & Cean
Dike, Brittnie
Dike, Norm & Lyn
Esplen, Bob & Nancy
Forslund, Blake & Joan
GeBraad, Gerard & Louise
Grabenstein, Ed & Lynn & Joy
Grace Jr, Bob
Grace, Bob
Hatfield, Drew
Heimlich, Henry "Hank"
Hemmeke, Helen
Herberg, Douglas
Herberg, Roger & Eileen
Herberg, Vernon
Hill Jr, Bob
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hoe, Robert
Hoe, Robert & Sue Tau-Hoe
Howard, Mary
Huntley, Lilma J
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
Jones, John & Barbara
Keenan, Joseph
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Jim
Kimber, Allison
Leach, Katie
Lewankowski, Adam & Beverly
Marschall, Marlys
Maurice, Richard & Judy
McHugh, Elva
Miles, Charles "C-Going"
Miller, Dan
Miller, Jack
Myers, Robert & Sheila
Petersen, Jack
Petersen, Jeff
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Kathryn
Petosky, Sigmund & Dorothy
Poppel, Earl & Ann
Purvis, Guy
Reynnet, Daris & Angela
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Reynnet, Kenneth
Rowe, Barbara
Rowe, Bill
Rowland, Evelyn
Ryan, Dick & Julie
Sanders, Patricia
Shoop, Jack & Darla
Tanner, Mary
Tarbell, K Kenneth & Judy
Tate, S Shepard & Janet
Terpstra, Blake & Karen
Terpstra, Richard
Terpstra, Richard
Tetlow, Marty
Thomas, Bob
Velthouse, Bob
Vogt, James & Marcia
Waters, John
Whitlock, F J
Wightman, Ian
Wyatt, William H & Mary
Young, Dick & Barbara
Zucks, Dorothy

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Medal Recipients





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