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2001 Fredericksburg, Texas

May 8-13

Hosted by Robert & Dolores Sinks


  Attendees  Medal Recipients

We arrived to see a banner across the main street announcing SACO's presence that read





What a wonderful welcome!

Thursday were visits to the LBJ Ranch which include a tour of the grounds along with LBJ's favorite song "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and the Wild-Seed Farms.  Lunch and dancing was at Luckenbach.

Friday was lunch at Fredericksburg Brewery followed the dedication of a plaque to SACO.at the Admimiral Nimitz National Museum.  Speeches were given by William H. Sager and Charles ("C-Going") Miles.  Read C-Going's speech

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.




Alverson, Dayton Lee & Ruby
Baker, Willie & Audrey
Bannier, Richard & Mathilda
Barrett, George & Doris
Bartee, Bill
Bash, James
Bohus, Art
Bonin, Harold
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Bowman, Nelson
Brown, Ken & Lillie
Carter, Ed & Annabeth
Ceremsak, Richard & Marion
Ciaccio, Jim
Ciaccio, Sal
Clance, Sue
Clark, Robert & Betty
Coats, Jerry & Mary
Coats, Penny
Coats, Robert
Cox, Alex & Fredda
Demattia, George
Dike, Norman & Lyn
Dodson, James
Dunn, Terry
Dunn, Jean
Erwin, Sylvia
Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, Michael
Fitzgerald, Joe & Peg
Fleming, Andrew
Fox, Sharon
Gats, Irene
Gilroy, Slim
Gleason, Frank & Eunice
Grace, Sr, Bob & Betty Lou
Groux, Charles & Exilda
Hall, Bill & Bobbie
Harrison, Alexander
Hardenbrook, Don & Dorothy
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hoe, Robert & Helen
Howell, Branson "Tex"
Huston, Gene & Mary Ellen
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
James, William C
Keenan, Joe & Flo
Keller, Paul
Keller, John J
Kelly, Jim
Kilmer, Frank
Lesher, Peg
Metzel, Jeff & Jean
Miles, Charles
Miller, Bill & Sissy
Miller, Jack & Ann
Moore, Roger
Morris, Si & Susie
Morrison, Bill & Trudy
Murphy, Jackie
Nelson, Hazel
Nichols, Priscilla
Olander, Melba
Petersen, Jack & Beverly
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Kayte
Ray, Doug & Rose Marie
Reynnet, Dairus
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Rivera, Rosio
Rutan, Erma
Rutan, Richard
Scurlock, Henry
Sellers, Charles & Laura
Sinks, Bob & Delores
Stahlnecker, Robert
Tanner, Allen & Mary
Terpstra, Dick & Marti
Thomas, Bob
Tressler, Guy & Rosemary
Wade, Betty
Warner, Dean & Billi
Waters, John & Fran
Wayner, Joe
Weskamp, "Wes" & Kathryn
White, William
Whitlock, F J

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Medal Recipients




Chu, Stephen    
Groepler, M William BM2c  
Huber, Donald RM1c  
Nelson, James T LCdr  
Wheeler, James CAGM  

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